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History behind the body building supplements

In ancient Greece the athletes used to consume huge amounts of meat & wine in order to boost their stamina as well as strength. In ancient times there were the use of some herbal tonics & natural products which were used by the athletes as well as warriors. It was in the year of 1910 when a man named Eugene Sandow first made the use of some dietary control measures to enhance the growth of the muscles. He arguable was the first modern body builder in the west. Then there were stories about individuals using the beef juice to enhance the regeneration & growth of muscles. By 1950s the competitive body building became hugely popular & the events organized found a lot of following. During this time a man named as Irvine P. Johnson came up with the idea of using egg based protein powders to aid the body builders & athletes with the necessary strength & power to perform. This product became extremely popular & had a good market to be sold. In the early 60s there were a few more Bodybuilding Supplements found in the continental US. The period from 1970 to 1990 marked a serious rise in the manufacture of these supplements which was associated with a developed industrial background along with the use of certain modern techniques in marketing. In the year 1994 a law was passed in the US, known as the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act (DSHEA) by which the only the manufacturer of the supplement will be held responsible for any issues regarding the production, distribution & safety of the Bodybuilding Supplements. From then on the dietary supplements did not require the approval of the Food & Drug Association (FDA) before being marketed. This act also consolidated the supplement industries & increased their selling figures many folds.

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