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Few interesting facts regarding the consumption of whey protein

This type of protein blends pretty well with different supplements & at times even yields some positive results. As a matter of fact the whey proteins blend with a few supplements to give some extensive & overwhelming results. These supplements are made with creatine, dextrose, glutamine, etc. Reports have justified that with supplements using these ingredients the supplements using whey protein can be mixed or combined to bring out great results. As a matter of fact the uptake of the protein can be increased by combining this protein supplements with carbohydrates having high GI. In this case the blend produces an insulin type spike which delivers effective nutrition to the muscle cells in a faster speed than milk or water. The amount of protein to be consumed depends entirely on the weight of the person, his level of training, intended objective of the consumption of the supplement, etc. However it should be kept in mind that the consumption levels can vary from one person to the other but not the effects or results with respect to the amount of intake. Generally the body builders or endurance athletes consume 1gm or 2 gm of whey protein per pound of their body weight daily. The intake is not similar in every person as well as the time of the when the consumption is to be done. The best time for the consumption of these supplements containing whey as the major ingredient depends on the objectives of the person. The whey protein is digested or ingested very rapidly, so the intake would be better when one do not have much time to deal with. The most common intake times of this protein type is early in the morning, after sporting performance or before the training. This protein can also be mixed with casein at times & can be consumed between meals as Meal Replacement Products (MRPs).

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